“The world is full of people in need, but perhaps the greatest need is for an end to complacency and limiting beliefs.” – Paul Huber

Dear fellow Christian,

Do you want to accelerate along the path that God called you to? If you’re like me, God has placed an insatiable ambition inside of you, but it hasn’t always been easy living that out at work or church. Worst of all, many of us have been made to feel bad about a secular ambition.

For much of my life, I felt like my ambition was out of place in the church. 

I have learned, though, that ambition is out of place almost everywhere, and the church has adopted and spiritualized the complacency of this world–something that is unscriptural. 

Maybe it was just me and how I was interpreting the messages, or maybe it was that too many of my teachers focused on the frugal side of stewardship rather than the expansion side. 
We are all called to expansion, growth, and to strive for our own version of success. 

As I dug into both the Bible and secular success literature, I found that the Bible supported a Growth Mindset and that God was more likely to send his servants through a rigorous training program than He was to just drop His power on them–the latter is reserved for showing His power, not in building successful men and women. 

End your years of slow progress by embracing your ambition and learning how to grow into the person who you are called to be. Read Killing Complacency.

David’s life exemplified the training program.  God had him anointed King in his youth, but then David returned to shepherding. David had to “kill” boulders and shrubbery before he was ready to defend the sheep from predators. When the lions and the bears attacked, he was ready.  When he was prompted to kill Goliath, his God-ordained experience allowed him to effectively bring a gun to a knife fight. 

God prepared David and then prompted him–God didn’t prompt him to rush in unprepared and needing divine intervention. 

You are being prepared for something right where you are.  Will you accept it?  Will you turn from loathing your challenges to seeing overcoming them as meeting your purpose and your preparation?

It took me a long time to make this shift, but it has made all the difference for me. Adopting the Killing Complacency philosophy can accelerate this shift for you. 

Don’t spend years learning to extract growth from the challenges in your life – accelerate your success: read Killing Complacency.

The Killing Complacency philosophy demonstrates how to become extraordinary by using definiteness of purpose and deliberate practice. By eliminating complacency thinking, you shift your mindset from limited and scarcity to growth and prosperity.

Are you ready to kill the complacency that is slowing you down? Are you ready to resurrect the ambition you once had?

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