Killing Complacency Program Beta Test

This opportunity will only be offered one time – sign up today.

Have you wondered how to best apply the Killing Complacency mindset? During this 8 week program, we will step through the key concepts of the book in a way that will help you apply it to your life.

This is the first offering of the full Killing Complacency program, so I will need your feedback on the format and the content. In exchange for me giving you all of the content (which will normally be priced at $97 or more once it is released), all I ask is for a few moments each session for you to give me feedback.

The Killing Complacency beta test program starts on August 7 and runs for 8 weeks (estimated). Each Zoom session is on Friday morning at 6:30 am Central Time (7:30 Eastern).

Each week will include:
* Teaching
* Discussion about the teaching
* Personal applications

The teaching and initial discussion portions will be recorded, with unrecorded time to discuss personal application.

Join the weekly Zoom calls as you are – no need to dress up and head to a local coffee shop.

Take advantage of this opportunity today… before it slips away.