Kill It Next Year

Each new year brings with it new hope and new ambition to achieve another batch of New Year’s resolutions… most of which fail miserably. We desire transformation, but our actions don’t back it up, and then we feel bad because we missed our goals. What we need instead of resolutions, is real solutions.

The secret to motivation is not the appearance of some muse, cosmic inspiration, or zap from God. The secret is choosing to be active in the pursuit of a goal. Action results in motivation; waiting for motivation yields nothing more than inaction.

While contentment is good, it often deteriorates into complacency. Complacency results in many of us achieving far less than what we were sent here to achieve–less than we could achieve if only our efforts were correctly channeled.

If you want to rekindle the spark of ambition within you, sign up today. If you want to pour gasoline on your already burning ambition, sign up today. If your ambition is leading you to achieve results in ways that make you feel bad, sign up today.

The 8-week Kill It 2021 program includes:

  • Weekly Killing Complacency reading assignments.
  • Zoom video conferences:
    • Review of the core concepts.
    • Group discussion time.
    • Weekly assignments.

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