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The Truth About Your Calling

Research shows that our intuition, conventional thinking, and most insidious of all, popular culture have backward understandings of how passion, success, and motivation work. 

  • We are told to pursue our passion when passion follows from what we pursue. 
  • We think that the successful have something unobtainable for the rest of us–they don’t. 
  • We expect motivation to show up so that we can take action, when instead if we take action motivation will show up. 

We expect to hear our calling echo down from heaven when we really need to pursue the opportunities in front of us.

Resetting our expectations allows us to pursue what’s in front of us rather than the fantasy notion of the road to success and happiness. Killing Complacency breaks through conventional thinking to find your success and your true calling. 

“The world is full of people in need, but perhaps the greatest need is for an end to complacency and limiting beliefs.” – P. Huber

Why do some people succeed while others don’t? What elevates the greats from the average? How can you leverage their secrets to maximize your life? The answer is not some X-factor from God, the universe, or luck. The successful have learned contentment without complacency.

The Killing Complacency philosophy demonstrates how to become extraordinary by using definiteness of purpose and deliberate practice. By eliminating complacency thinking, you shift your mindset from limited and scarcity to growth and prosperity.

Examples from the Bible to modern biographies reveal there is a process, rather than a divine zap, that creates greatness.

Are you ready to shift into high gear and pursue success? If so, this book provides key insights into building ambition, maximizing your results, and getting out of your own way.

Maybe your mindset is like mine was. I was jealous of those who had “gifts” that I didn’t. I was waiting for God to tap me on the shoulder for a big assignment. I had ambition, but I didn’t know the right way to express it. I was complacent. 

As I dug into both the Bible and secular success literature, I found that the Bible supported a Growth Mindset and that God was more likely to send his servants through a rigorous training program than He was to just drop His power on them–the latter is reserved for showing His power, not in building His champions. 

Killing Complacency changes your trajectory toward success rather than mediocrity.  Killing Complacency resurrects ambition so that you can maximize the life that you have been given. 

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